In the diverse mix of albums nominated for the Polaris Prize, Tegan and Sara’s latest album stands out as a worthy candidate.

Heartthrob starts on a high note with the infectious “Closer” and keeps up the momentum throughout. “Goodbye Goodbye” is a break-up lament with a dance beat, “I’m Not Your Hero” is catchy pop-rock reminiscent of their earlier single “Back in Your Head,” and the ballad “Love They Say” highlights the Quin sisters’ ethereal vocal harmonies.

Tegan and Sara have unique voices and a strong grasp of how to write hooks. Their songs feel equally genuine reflecting the giddiness of new love or the melancholy of failed relationships, and steady beats keep the music lively even when the lyrics tackle heartbreak. With this album of sincere and danceable pop, Tegan and Sara have created a Polaris-worthy work.


Originally published in The Fulcrum as part of “Picking the Winners – Fulcrum contributors’ picks for the Polaris Prize,” September 19, 2013