“Congratulations,” said the hostess. “You’ve survived Oddworth’s House of Horrors. Exit to your left.”

The guest, still trembling from the experience, looked up. “It seemed so real,” he moaned, recalling the sagging floorboards, the shaking walls, the apparitions.

The girl shrugged. “Amazing what you can do with trick wires and holograms.”

As the guest left, an invisible presence slammed the door shut. The walls warped, and the framed certificate of poltergeist infestation fell to the floor and shattered.

The hostess braced herself as the air grew noxious. Then, an unearthly shriek:


Oddworth’s benefactor, it seemed, was offended.

Originally published by Stuart Conover / The Horror Tree as part of Trembling With Fear 04/23/2017; April 23/2017

Haunted House - Right