Madison McSweeney is a writer, poet, and arts & culture blogger from Ottawa, Ontario.

She has published arts coverage in a variety of outlets, and frequently writes about the Canadian music scene.

Drawing from classic horror and science fiction, her fiction explores the spaces where reality and nightmare intersect, hinting at a larger and stranger world just beyond our comprehension.

Her poetry is eclectic and combines vivid imagery, pop culture references, and personal introspection.



“Behind the Music”

Publication: Women in Horror Annual 2 (2017)

An ambitious groupie ensnares her favourite rock star…and gets more than she bargained for.

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“The Luddid House”

Publication: Unnerving

Magazine: Extended Halloween Edition (October 2017)

A trick-or-treat’er rings the bell at the creepiest house on the street…

Available for digital and physical purchase at from the Unnerving online store.



“We Have Rules Here”

Publication: Dark Horizons: An Anthology of Dark Science Fiction (Elder Signs Press, 2016)

A rational man in an irrational world, Lieutenant Colonel John Harris clings to science and reason as the zombie apocalypse rages around him. However, what if reality isn’t as objective as it seems?

Available from Indigo!Barnes and NobleAmazon, and others.


Fulcrum Fiction Issue

“Daydream Noir”

Publication: The Fulcrum (April 9, 2015)

Seven-year-old Jessie’s imaginary friend is a princess. Lily’s is a hard-drinking, hardboiled private investigator.

1st place winner of The Fulcrum Fiction Contest.

Read it in The Fulcrum.

Horror Tree

“Oddworth’s Silent Partner”

Publication: Horror Tree – Trembling With Fear (April 23, 2017)

Strange things await visitors to Oddworth’s house of horrors…

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365 Tomorrows“Leader”

Publication: 365 Tomorrows (March 10, 2017)

“Take me to your leader.” Easier said than done.

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Publication: Zombie Punks F*** Off (Weirdpunk Books)

Teen delinquents get sent for rehabilitation at a strange facility run by a brainwashed former punk. Things don’t go well.

Available for pre-order from Freak Tension




Madison has published arts and culture coverage Bravewords, Hellbound, Music Vice, The Fulcrum, Thee Westerner, and C2C Journal. She has interviewed musicians such as Bryan Adams, Arkells lead singer Max Kerman, Diemonds vocalist Priya Panda, children’s entertainers Lorraine Pond and Robyn Hardy, hardcore punk band Mandible Klaw, and Juno-winning folk singer William Prince.

She’s covered the Juno Awards with media accreditation, and has reported on concerts, conventions, film festivals, and other events across Canada.